Sunday, March 28, 2010

French Hotel Barge ENCHANTE

We asked Roger and Louisa, owner-operators of the new French hotel barge ENCHANTE, what special theme charters they offer.

Roger and Louisa, French Hotel Barge Enchanté - Canal du Midi, Provence & Camargue Cruises

While Enchanté has sample itineraries for standard, antiques, and golfing cruises, Louisa tell us that they focus on providing a tailored holiday according to their charter group. Here are a few features they believe can enhance a cruise, depending on their guests: on board wine degustation, champagne sunset over the Oppidum, live music aboard Enchanté, optional scenic flights over the Cathar castles, pétanques tournament, evening or breakfast cruise (depending on whether the guests like late dinners or are early risers!), excursions to local rural festivals or events (antiques fairs, jousting, medieval reenactments, Taurean ferias, live music...), etc.

They find that most of their private, full-boat charters are more interested in catching up between themselves and want to enjoy time on the boat together. Of course, all cruises are different, as are all guests, so it is difficult to generalize.

Excursions are detailed in history and local knowledge. Louisa has a French degree in Tourism (which includes art history) and specialised in the Languedoc area. She has a French background, as her father is French and she was raised in the Loire valley, spending summer vacations at their holiday home in Frontignan.  Louisa is Enchanté's tour guide and she particularly enjoys visiting different wineries. She always arranges that the owner personally takes her group around the wine making process.

Enchanté's demonstration galley

One of Enchanté's neat features is the open galley. Guests can simply stroll over and glean some techniques or, if anyone voices a true interest, the chef will stage a cooking demonstration within the day's schedule. The Russian fudge making is a real winner, as is the pasta making!

And for you workaholics and/or internet junkies, you are sure to appreciate Enchanté's media station which allows you to keep in touch while cruising the French canals :)

Did we mention the 8-person on-deck Jacuzzi?

Each guest cabin on Enchanté has a mobile phone for their personal use while on board. When the guests arrive there's about 5 euros credit and they can top up anytime. The fees from a local provider are not half as bad as typical roaming charges for a US phone to phone the States.

Enchanté is currently available for the popular Bastille week (Bastille Day is Wednesday, July 14th), as well as other choice dates. We look forward to your inquiries!

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