Thursday, March 22, 2012

Experience Fine Food Afloat with Hotel Barge SAVOIR FAIRE

Experience fine food afloat aboard the Hotel Barge SAVOIR FAIRE, cruising both Holland and France.

Their chefs select only the freshest ingredients, creating a wide variety of dishes that guarantee to delight and surprise. The Savoir Faire continually receives rave reviews for her culinary creations.

Sure looks fabulous and according to guest comments below, it is!

"the incredible food was just perfect"

"the food was consistently delectable"

“we could find no wrong"

“exquisite food and velvet wine"

"divine meals"

“light, nutritious and delicious"

"the food was absolutely gourmet"

"without a doubt, the best food on our trip"

"If you take their average meal, which most certainly was not average in taste or presentation, and compare it to the best restaurants we went to in France, Italy and Switzerland, they win hands down in every category. I am not a "foodie" like my wife Alyson is, but I just can't seem to stop talking about their creations!”

The Hotel Barge Savoir Faire offers luxurious accommodation for 12 passengers in six well-appointed staterooms. Guests are attentively catered for by 6 English-speaking crew. Each stateroom can be configured with two twin beds or with one queen bed, and all have ensuite private bathrooms. Each guest stateroom has a DVD player with an LCD screen and 2 sets of wireless headphones. Savoir Faire is fully air conditioned (central heat, too!) and the salon, dining area, and bar are finished in mahogany, teak and brass, decorated with antiques and paintings. Two spacious decks offer magnificent views of the countryside.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hotel Barge SAVOIR FAIRE : March Madness - SAVE

Chris of the Hotel Barge SAVOIR FAIRE is experiencing a bit of "March Madness" and has reduced the price of both private charters and cabin cruises on selected weeks.

We hope you can take advantage of one of Savoir Faire's specials before he regains his wits :)

- HAARLEM to HAARLEM Dutch Tulip Cruise: Itinerary
  • April 8-14
  • April 15-21
  • April 22-28 (3 cabins available)
  • Cabins: $2700/person, double occupancy
  • Private charter: $23,000 for up to 10 guests / $25,300 for 12 guests
- HAARLEM to BRUGES: Itinerary
  • May 6-12, 2012
  • Cabins: $2700/person, double occupancy
  • Private charter: $23,000 for up to 10 guests / $25,300 for 12 guests
- BRUGES to PARIS (11 nights/ 12 days): Itinerary
  • May 13-24, 2012
  • Cabins: $4500/person, double occupancy
  • Private charter: $32,000 for up to 12 guests
- BURGUNDY between Ancy-le-Franc and St Florentin: Itinerary
  • June 3-9
  • June 10-16
  • June 17-23
  • June 24-30
  • July 1-7
  • July 8-14, 2012
  • Private charter: $23,000 for up to 10 guests / $25,300 for 12 guests
- 3-COUNTRY CRUISE  Paris to Amsterdam (13 nights/ 14 days): Itinerary
  • October 14-27, 2012
  • Private charter: $37,500 for up to 12 guests
Savoir Faire has other weeks available throughout the season at their normal Value Season or Regular Season rates, too...

- Cabins available in SEPTEMBER:
  • Sept 16-22, 2012: 4 cabins open - CHAMPAGNE: Paris to Epernay (Itinerary)
  • Sept 23-29, 2012: 2 cabins open - CHAMPAGNE: Epernay to Paris (Itinerary)

- Just a reminder about SAVOIR FAIRE's special offer for Summer Family Cruises...
Savoir Faire's family cruises are designed with your family in mind. In addition to their marvellous itinerary, they have a multitude of offerings for children of all ages. Each day has been created to ensure that there's never a dull moment. This is one vacation that your children and grandchildren will remember forever.
  • July 15-21
  • July 22-28
  • August 5-11
  • August 12-18
  • August 19-25 
Click link for Previous Post with details about Savoir Faire's Summer Family Cruises.

Of course, these weeks are open to non-family cruises as well at standard rates.

You should be able to find something here to "float your boat"... What's not to like?

Be sure to read tomorrow's post on Savoir Faire's Fine Food Afloat..

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

French Hotel Barge PROSPERITE: Value weeks open

The luxury crewed French hotel barge PROSPERITE, which offers barging cruises along the Canal de Bourgogne in the Burgundy region of France, still has TWO value weeks available for private charters.

French Hotel Barge PROSPÉRITÉ - Barging vacation cruises in Burgundy, France

The French Hotel Barge Prospérité cruises the Canal de Bourgogne (Burgundy Canal) of France. Enjoy the unparalleled history and beauty of the Burgundy region via barge travel in France — 150 vineyards, cellars and wine traders in the region are open for sampling and more than 32 fine restaurants bear Michelin stars, including four 3-star establishments.

Prospérité accommodates up to 8 guests in 4 suites, which can be configured as doubles or twins, with sitting area and desk, each having their own private ensuite bathroom. The barge is fully air conditioned and also has central heating when necessary, hot tub on the sundeck, bicycles, air conditioned minivan for excursions...

Up to 8 guests: $42,900
  • April 1-7, 2012
  • April 8-14, 2012

PROSPERITE only has five other weeks open for the 2012 season:
  • May 5-12
  • July 8-14
  • July 22-28
  • July 29 - August 4
  • August 5-11, 2012
RATES: Regular season, 2012
  • 6 guests: $50,900
  • 7 guests: $51,900
  • 8 guests: $52,900


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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hotel Barge SHANNON PRINCESS: Save on cabin cruise week and MORE

The Irish Hotel Barge SHANNON PRINCESS II, which cruises the River Shannon in Ireland...

Irish Hotel Barge Shannon Princess II - Barging in Ireland
Barge Cruises along the Shannon River, Ireland


Bike / Cycling tours in Ireland
Visit the Emerald Isle aboard the Irish hotel barge Shannon Princess II and cruise between Athlone and Killaloe along the River Shannon. Shannon Princess accommodates up to 10 guests in 5 cabins which can be configured as either doubles or twins, as you prefer.

Do you fancy a bit of bike touring? Olivia has put much effort into researching interesting cycling routes for their guests. Read more here.


Book Shannon Princess before March 31, 2012 for a barging vacation in 2012 and we will send you a gift that you can enjoy on your barge trip!
Read more about Paradise Connections' special St Pat's gift in our previous post HERE

Don't put it off any longer... experience barging in Ireland this year!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hotel Barge SAVOIR VIVRE: Opens cabin week + Value weeks

The French Hotel Barge SAVOIR VIVRE has opened up the week of May 27 to June 2, 2012 as a cabin cruise week and currently has three cabins available.

French Hotel Barge SAVOIR VIVRE - Barging cruises in Burgundy, France

The very special price for this cabin cruise week is only $2950/person, double occupancy ($5900/cabin for 2 people).

The Barge Savoir Vivre cruises along the canal de Bourgogne (Burgundy canal) between Escommes and Fleurey-sur-Ouche.


We would like to remind you of Savoir Vivre's special low rates for April 1-May 12, 2012.

The first six weeks of their 2012 charter season has the very special pricing of  $22,000 for charters of any size up to 8 guests. This equates to only $2750/person. This is a $6000 savings from their regular, 8-person rate. A very good deal, indeed.
This season Savoir Vivre is willing to open a cabin cruise week if two or more cabins are booked. If you and your friends would like to book two cabins with the possibility of sharing the barge with four other people, let us know! The price is $3500/person, double occupancy.

Savoir Vivre is a bit different to the other barges that we represent as they do not have an onboard chef. Pastries for the continental breakfast are supplied by the local baker. Lunch is catered by professional chefs who meet up with the boat with their prepared meal. Dinners are off the boat in locally selected restaurants (included in charter fee).

Savoir Vivre is 80 feet long, air conditioned (and has central heat, too), 4 identical guest cabins which can be configured with a queen or two twin beds, each having ensuite private bathrooms, flat screen TV, internet where available, 8 bicycles, etc...

SAVOIR VIVRE: Ability to live life well and with intelligent enjoyment, meeting every situation with poise, good manners, and elegance. Etymology: French, to know (how) to live.

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