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French Hotel Barge SAINT LOUIS: Luxury and Quality Wine in Southwest France

Today, we are fortunate to have another guest post from the French Hotel Barge SAINT LOUIS, who offers both private charters and cabin cruises in the Aquitaine & Gascony region of southwest France.

By Alasdair Wyllie, Owner-Operator of Barge Saint Louis

It is an essential part of “slow travel” to explore the tastes and smells of the area in which you travel. We run our cruises in south west France, and by reputation the people of this area have a highly developed culture of the appreciation of good food and good wine. If you drive around the villages between 12 mid-day and 2.00 in the afternoon, you will pass the occasional restaurant that appears to be besieged by tradesmens’ vans. Every person is a gourmet critic, every individual a wine taster, and these working men will drive big distances to enjoy their daily celebration of the products of the region. An essential part of every meal is a carafe of excellent local wine, and woe betide the restaurateur who serves inferior wines to his lunch-time clientele!

Enjoy fine food & cuisine aboard French Hotel Barge Saint Louis

“South West France” means different things to different people, but to the wine professional it means a very specific area comprising a patchwork quilt of wine producing regions, from Gaillac to the east to Cahors to the north, reaching as far as Jurancon in the western foothills of the Pyrenees. Some of these wine regions are very old, dating back to roman times, and indeed Gaillac is the second oldest wine region in France. One point to bear in mind is that South West France, as a wine area, does not include Bordeaux. In days gone by, however, the producers of wine in these areas found their markets via Bordeaux. Shallow boats were loaded with the precious barrels of wine, and they were sailed down the rivers (including the Lot, the Tarn, the Baïse, and the Garonne) to Bordeaux where the wine was blended, bottled and exported, under the generic name of claret. It was thanks to the delicious full-bodied red wines of South West France that the trading port of Bordeaux became established as the wine capital of the world.

Things have since changed. The huge industrial monoculture of vines of the Bordeaux wine area has been established, and the traditional producers of South West France have diversified. As well as producing the red wines and the clarets that became so well known across the developed world, in the past sixty years many of the producers have added white and rosé wines to their range.

It is interesting to ponder on the differences between the wines from South West France and the wines from Bordeaux. In the most general of terms, Bordeaux producers have the advantage of their internationally-known name and huge advertising budgets, and Bordeaux wines are the subject of countless articles written by countless experts. The wines of South West France, on the other hand, are typically produced by small-scale individual vignerons who have learned their trade over the centuries, and passed it down from father to son. They are part of our “hidden corner” of France, and they are there to be discovered by the slow traveller, by the traveller who has the time and the interest to dig out the skilled artisan producers.  They are there to be discovered during a luxury cruise on the Saint Louis

“What,” you may ask, “about the quality of these wines?” One of the references we use is Hachet’s Guide. This is a guide published every year following the professional blind tasting of over 35,000 different wines. South West France has a higher percentage of wines listed in Hachet than most other wine areas in France. We carry on the boat, for example, a rosé from Fronton that has twice in the last three years won gold at the international concours at Cannes, competing with wines from some 47 different countries.

On our hotel barge we carry some thirty-six different wines. These wines reflect a good cross-section of the quality wines from South West France. Most of them are award-winning vintages. We take a pride in our wines as a reflection of the wonderful part of France in which we cruise, and we take pleasure in introducing to our guests such secrets of this part of France that they would have great difficulty discovering by themselves.

As an aside, let us consider the Hundred Years War. This war took place in south west France between 1337 and 1453 – and thus lasted for no less than 116 years. What has that to do with the wines of the region? It has been put to me in all seriousness that the combatants on both sides had no interest in seeing the “war” come to an end, for the food and wine of the region provided them with an excellent lifestyle, marred only by the occasional skirmish! Arguably, this was the beginning of wine tourism. Slow warfare has now become slow travel!

Thanks, Alasdair!

French Hotel Barge Saint Louis - Barging cruises charters in southwest France

The French hotel barge Saint Louis cruises the beautiful calm waterways of Southwest France, including the historic lands of Aquitaine and Gascony. She does so in "casual luxury", providing the perfect accommodation for up to six guests in three stateroom suites (configured as twins or doubles, as desired). To cruise aboard Saint Louis is to experience peace and tranquillity as one passes through the lush countryside, pretty villages and memorable towns. It also means enjoying delicious French cuisine, prepared with fresh local produce, and savouring local wines and aperitifs. Your hosts, Alasdair and Barbara, together with their friendly and expert crew, will ensure that your holiday or vacation is the ultimate in relaxed pleasure.

 These folks are taking it slow and easy... Enjoying the countryside

There are still a few weeks open this season for YOU, too!

Perhaps you can partake in the Au Fil de l'Eau spectacle that occurs annually around the first two weeks of August. See Alasdair's previous post about this event.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

French Hotel Barge SAVOIR VIVRE: Experience Local Restaurants


French Hotel Barge SAVOIR VIVRE - Barging cruises in Burgundy, France

Guests on the all inclusive, Burgundy barge Savoir Vivre will eat every dinner at authentic and charming bistros! Savoir Vivre is the only barge in Burgundy that offers guest the opportunity to sample a different chef every night – and the cost of dinner and wine is included in the cruise price!

Savoir Vivre says that the memories you take away are about the good times spent together, the epic scenery, the quietly cultured and proud ways of rural France, the wine, the food, and of lazily cycling beside the ship as she quietly plies along.

The shift in emphasis begins with the barge itself. It is modern, chic, and flexible. Not a square foot is wasted although everything one needs is available. The lounge converts to a dining room in minutes, while the kitchen is “hidden” until needed! The cabins are cleverly designed. Although while not large, they are stylish with lots of things done right, such as excellent storage, efficient reading lights, deluxe bedding and bathrobes hanging ready-to-use. The fore and aft decks are also designed for flexible use with a selection of recliners, chairs and pillows. Lounging is decidedly casual but comfortable.

Sightseeing is extensive but emphasizes the villages, the markets, and the wine and food producers. The high point is the half-day spent in Beaune, the wine capital of the Cote d’Or. Tour the immaculately-preserved Medieval hospice and browse in the colorful pedestrian shopping street.


Laura - Richard - Jo

Captain Richard Megret hails from a prominent French “barging family,” members of which have been crewing in this industry for generations. He has worked on the canals since 1989, serving as pilot or chef on many top vessels. Captain Megret has done a great job with Savoir Vivre guests and is ready to showcase his knowledge of area’s history and wines. Savoir Vivre's 2011 guests adored his professional and personable style,  combined with his charm and sense of humor.

Laura (your expert guide) has been exploring French life and culture on hotel barges since she was 20 years old. Her background in history and a deep love affair with France led her to become a Tour Guide with a reputation which others struggle to match. A glance at her CV demonstrates this with guiding roles on deluxe and ultra-deluxe barges. Following a break from barging to start a family she decided to return to the fold to re-ignite her Guiding passions.

Jo (your hostess & housekeeper) has had a life rich of adventure (avid skier and traveler), culinary cunningness (chef) and a steadfast devotion to friends, family and fun! Her early years were spent in the French Alps as the manager and chef of high-end ski chalets. This is where she met her best friend Laura (see above). After a period in Ireland she and her husband moved to Burgundy where she re-connected with the French lifestyle of fine food, wonderful wines and living life with a sense of ‘savoir vivre’. She is a delightful, capable, warm and authentic crew member.

Breakfast and lunches are served aboard Savoir Vivre and reflect local ingredients, such as oven-baked croissants brought warm from the village each day, while the luncheon buffets offer a selection of salads, patés, cheeses, and quiches. The on-board "floating wine cellar" is stocked with vintages which tend to be distributed only within France, allowing for guests to make pleasurable discoveries.

Burgundy abounds in authentic, independently-owned auberges where locals out number tourists! Savoir Vivre has carefully selected six such venues, each differing slightly in setting and menu. Your Captain makes the reservation, chauffeurs you to the restaurant, and once there, introduces your party to the proprietor, reviews the menu and orders your wine.

Dinner venues include:
  • Auberge les Gourmands - A petite venue where the chef has trained at Guy Savoy and Girardet and is geared for greater acclaim.
  • Le Spuller - Located hillside in an enchanting wine village, diners enjoy panoramic views of the valley below while savoring delicious dishes like roast trout with Emmental and ginger cream  A 2011 guest favorite.
  • La Ferme de Rolle - Hearty traditional fare where the entrees are roasted on an open spit.
  • L'Oree du Bois - An authentic creperie housed in an elegant 17th century mansion.
  • Chez Camille - Local fare and a dining room set under a canopy of trees. Menu highlights range from traditional Burgundian favorites such as Coq au Vin and Boeuf Bourguignon to exciting deserts like the delicious caramelized pineapple and vanilla zabaglione with gingerbread and rum sorbet


Savoir Vivre has only five weeks open in the 2011 barging season (as of May 30, 2012):
  • July 15-21: Regular season
  • July 22-28: Regular season
  • July 29-August 18: Regular season
  • August 19-25: Regular season
  • October 28-November 3: Value season
Rates, 6-night charter:
Regular season:
  • 4 guests: $24,000
  • 6 guests: $26,000
  • 8 guests: $28,000
Value season:
  • 6 guests: $24,000
  • 8 guests: $26,000
2013 SEASON...
  • Regular season: April 21 - October 12
  • Value season: March 31 - April 20 and October 13-26
2013 RATES: currently the same as 2012 (as of May 30, 2012)

Looking forward to your inquiries!

SAVOIR VIVRE: Ability to live life well and with intelligent enjoyment, meeting every situation with poise, good manners, and elegance. Etymology: French, to know (how) to live.

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

FIVE Reasons To Go Barging This Summer

Take the time and enjoy a Hotel Barge Cruise along one of the many European waterways this summer. We represent barges in Ireland, Scotland, England, Holland, Germany, Italy and, of course, France (Burgundy, Gascony, Canal du Midi, Loire, Alsace-Lorraine, Champagne...)

  • Sunny and warm. Enjoy the long days of summer whether on a cabin cruise for two or a private charter with family or friends. 
  • Kids are out of school so it is an excellent time to have a family vacation and experience the various regions and cultures of Europe, whether France, Ireland, England, Scotland, or Italy. Excellent graduation gift, too!
  • The summer season is filled with festivals, concerts, markets, and plenty of other activities.
  • Many of our barges have lower rates and special offers this summer. Inquire! Also, the value of the euro has dropped which makes vacationing in Europe more affordable.
  • The best reason of all... you DESERVE it :)

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Friday, May 25, 2012

French Hotel Barge La Belle Epoque Announces Their 2013 Burgundy Walking Tour Barging Cruise

Today, the French Hotel Barge LA BELLE EPOQUE announced the dates for their 2013 guided walking tour barge cruise taking place in Burgundy, France.

Barging & Walking in Burgundy, France - A wonderful combination

  • October 13-19, 2013: One cabin optioned
  • October 20-26, 2013: One cabin optioned
With autumn colors transforming the countryside, this is the perfect time of year to explore Burgundy with its rolling landscape, quaint villages and ruined castles.

2013 RATES: 6-night cruise
  • Satenay, Vougeot, Sancerre, & Chablis cabins: $4550/person, double occupancy
  • Nuits St George & Meursault cabins: $4750/person, double occupancy
  • Irancy single cabin: $5150
Both weeks allocated in 2012 to this highly popular cruise sold out early, so do not delay for 2013. If La Belle Epoque adds an additional walking week for 2012, we'll let you know ASAP!

You can view the full itinerary for the Guided Walking Tour cruise on La Belle Epoque's brochure.

The difference with this theme cruise is that it is available for individuals or couples to book a cabin and join others on board. No need to charter the whole barge and no extra supplements to pay for the services of the professional walking guide.

If you are part of a couple and not as keen about walking as your "better half", pas de problème... There are other activities available if you wish, or you can just chill out on La Belle Epoque and watch the countryside glide by while listening to tunes on your iPod or reading a book in the jacuzzi!

The French Hotel Barge La Belle Epoque - Barging in France

La Belle Epoque has been designed with both elegance and passenger comfort in mind. This all-inclusive deluxe barge is 128 feet long, has two interior deck levels (fully air conditioned & heated), a crew of 5, and accommodates up to 13 guests in 7 cabins, each with private, ensuite bathrooms. The salon & dining room has beautiful wood panelling, with an always-open inclusive bar. The sundeck has steamer chairs, recliners, parasols, a large dining table, and a Jacuzzi spa pool. They have 12 touring bikes, plus a tandem! These, together with other luxury facilities, create a vessel perfect for a relaxing, luxurious cruise.

Burgundy is among the most popular hotel barging area in Europe. It is renowned for its vineyards, Gothic churches, Renaissance châteaux and picturesque villages. This is a region of France in which gastronomic delights and the art of living have reigned supreme since Roman times.

Sounds good? Contact Paradise Connections and let's get started. As you can see, this is a very popular cruise and it books up quickly. Don't miss this opportunity!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

French Hotel Barge ROI SOLEIL: 2012 availability

The luxurious French Hotel Barge ROI SOLEIL has some excellent weeks available this summer during their "value" season at lower rates.

River Yacht Roi Soleil - Private barging cruises - Canal du Midi & Camargue/Provence

AVAILABILITY: Currently open...
  • July 15-August 25, 2012 (Value weeks)
  • August 26-September 1, 2012 (Regular rate)
  • September 30-October 6 (Regular rate)
  • October 14-20 (Regular rate) Provence or Midi
  • October 21-27, 2012 (Regular rate): Provence or Midi
The French hotel barge, or river yacht, Roi Soleil with their crew of four, is available for private charter for up to six guests in three well-appointed staterooms that can be configured with either queen or twin beds. I love the open galley where you can watch the chef prepare gastronomical delights for your pleasure. The fireplace is a nice, cozy touch as well.

Roi Soleil cruises the canal du midi between Béziers and Carcassonne for most of the barging season, then changes to their Provence route between Béziers and Avignon from September 30 through October 27.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

French Hotel Barge SAINT LOUIS: Au Fil de l’Eau

Today we have a guest post from the French Hotel Barge SAINT LOUIS who offers both private charters and cabin cruises in the Aquitaine & Gascony region of southwest France.

A MAGICAL EVENING - By Alasdair Wyllie, Owner-Operator of Barge Saint Louis

In south-west France, in the valley of the River Garonne, there is a small market town called Valence d’Agen.  We have reason to know Valence very well, since the Canal Garonne passes through the outskirts of the town, and on the first of our two itineraries our hotel barge the Saint Louis passes this way, between stops at Pommevic and Lamagistere.  Sometimes we stop in the small port, and our guests can explore the town with its two market squares and its three Romanesque lavoirs.

Every year, in early August, Valence d’Agen is known for an entirely different reason.  The port is transformed into a theatrical set with a traditional village created on either side of the canal.  Tiered seating for an audience of 2,500 spectators is constructed.  Lighting and sound is installed.  Ancient carts are made ready, and ancient cars are polished.  Costumes are prepared, actors are rehearsed. Valence is ready to enchant once again.

With our guests, we have just visited the 18th production of Au Fil de l’Eau – une Histoire.  Each year this extraordinary spectacle is presented on eight nights in the first two weeks of August.  It could be called a son et lumière, but this would be a cruel understatement.   Au Fil de l’Eau is a story, a history, a tragedy, a comedy.  There are scenes that are poignant.  There are scenes that are gripping.  And particularly there are scenes of outstanding beauty, where the whole audience gives off a whispered “wow”. 

It is possible to simply buy tickets for the show, and to arrive shortly before nightfall to enjoy the spectacle.  Much better, though, is to take part in the pre-spectacle long-table traditional meal, and to become a real part of this extraordinary evening.  During the meal, you will be served by people dressed in costume whom you will later recognise as actors during the spectacle, and you will be entertained by accordions and barrel-organs, and by a group of workers called “the forced workers of the threshing machine” who are keen to share their jokes and their wine with you.  Outside, you will find a wide range of entertainments and exhibits.  A magnificent cart-horse is coupled up to a working cart, while the action stops so that a couple of children can have their photographs taken beside the huge animal.  A team of volunteers are working sheaves of wheat through a threshing machine.  A basket-maker is busy working his craft.  A variety of vintage cars are to be found, some of them 100 years old, being shown off by their proud (and very knowledgeable) owners.  And there is a group of Occitane dancers, entertaining the public to traditional dances from this part of France.  All this fair-ground atmosphere serves to entertain, to help pass the evening until nightfall, and to “warm up” the audience to the period of the spectacle they are about to witness.

The action takes place on three “stages”.  There is the far side of the canal, where the main part of the village is set up.  There is the near side of the canal where scenes take place that allow the actors to take their show into the audience.  And there is the canal itself, where five separate boats are used to present different themes and actions, including the iconic scene at the beginning and the end of the spectacle, where the narrator and his three young charges glide in their punt through a laser-lit tunnel into the past or the future.

The story-line of the show is not complex.  It is the simple story of the lives of three lads who were born locally in the late 1800’s, with the various events that highlighted their lives including the first and second world wars.  This simple theme allows all sorts of scenes to be woven into the spectacle.  For example, there is the gossip of the village women doing their washing at the canal’s edge, and there is the engagement and marriage of one of the three friends.  One favourite scene is the bustling market, where comedy comes to the fore with one actor bringing a live piglet into the audience, while another who has stolen a live chicken manages to escape into the crowd and to fool the police into arresting an innocent member of the audience.

The opening scene is stunning.  After the initial journey of the narrator and the three boys in their punt in the tunnel of time, everything goes dark for some seconds, and when the dawn music is introduced and the overall lighting is gently increased the audience see three hundred and fifty actors arranged in groups throughout the set.  The actors are frozen, like statues.  Some ten seconds later, the music changes and all the actors come to life.

One of the great things about Au Fil de l’Eau is that it is such a community achievement.  All the actors are volunteers.  Even though we live an hour’s drive from Valence d’Agen, we had a great sense of belonging.  For example, in the winter months Barbara dances with the group who were doing the Occitane dancing, I knew the staff on the stand of the Donzac Conservatoire, we met in the audience a farmer who lives just a hundred yards from our house, and one of our French guests recognised that the man carrying the pig was the President of the regional tourist organisation.  As an art form, as a cultural experience, and as a way of providing real insight into the life of the past in this part of France, we will always be delighted to bring our guests on the barge to this spectacle.  In a way it is the inside knowledge of such an event that is important.  Cruises with us on the hotel barge Saint Louis become even richer when our guests discover this astonishing show.

Thanks, Alasdair!

French Hotel Barge Saint Louis - Barging cruises charters in southwest France

The French hotel barge Saint Louis cruises the beautiful calm waterways of Southwest France, including the historic lands of Aquitaine and Gascony. She does so in "casual luxury", providing the perfect accommodation for up to six guests in three stateroom suites (configured as twins or doubles, as desired). To cruise aboard Saint Louis is to experience peace and tranquillity as one passes through the lush countryside, pretty villages and memorable towns. It also means enjoying delicious French cuisine, prepared with fresh local produce, and savouring local wines and aperitifs. Your hosts, Alasdair and Barbara, together with their friendly and expert crew, will ensure that your holiday or vacation is the ultimate in relaxed pleasure.

  • Saint Louis is currently open for the weeks July 28-August 3 and August 4-10, 2012 where you may experience the Au Fil de l’Eau event.
  • We would also like to point out that they still have one week available during the most popular month of the barging season, September 8-14, 2013.
  • Saint Louis is offering a 10% discount on a cabin booking for the week of June 9-15, 2013
  • Inquire for availability on other weeks of their barging cruise season.

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French Hotel Barge EMMA: 2012 availability UPDATE

Here's an availability update for the French Hotel Barge EMMA. There is still one week available in the popular month of September (we filled the other September week!).

EMMA's Current 2012 Availability: (as of May 5, 2012)
June 16-22| 1 cabin open| Carcassonne - Beziers
July 7-13| 1 cabin open| Beziers - Aigues-Mortes
August 11-17| Open| Carcassonne - Beziers
August 18-24| Open| Beziers - Carcassonne
August 25-31| Open| Carcassonne - Beziers
September 8-14| Open| Carcassonne - Beziers
October 13-19| Open| Beziers - Carcassonne
October 20-26| Open| Carcassonne - Beziers
The French Hotel Barge EMMA is available for both private charters and cabin cruises in the south of France. We are now taking reservations for 2013!

EMMA can tailor your charter to your interests... wine tastings & vineyard visits, cooking, golf, tennis, walking tours, cycling tours, or just time out to relax and enjoy a side of France that most travellers don't experience.

EMMA also offers 5-night charters if that works better for your vacation plans and budget... Inquire.

The French Hotel Barge EMMA is owned and operated by Liz and René Jacquot and are assisted by two additional crew members. They cruise along the Canal du Midi in the south of France between Beziers & Carcassonne and Carcassonne & Toulouse, and other itineraries on request such as itineraries that include the Etang de Thau, Sete, Aigues-Mortes... Inquire.

EMMA is fully air conditioned and also has central heating, if needed. There are three guest cabins; one has a queen bed, while the other two can be configured as either queens or twins. Beautiful handmade Irish quilts from Oonagh Morisson add that extra touch of luxury. Each guest cabin has its own private, ensuite bathroom with sink, toilet and a normal sized shower with sliding doors. The interior is bright and spacious with beautiful arched double glazed windows which give you a good view of the outside countryside whilst cruising. The French oak furniture has been hand made by a master craftsman and the whole effect is warm and inviting. 
EMMA has a spacious upper deck (385 square feet) with tables, chairs, and loungers. Shade from the sun, too, if you want it. This is a marvelous vantage point to see the wonderful countryside and a great place to enjoy cocktails before dinner. Later on, view the stars and set the world to right. And, of course, EMMA has bicycles and a minivan to chauffeur you to various excursions.
We recently published a blog post featuring a video of French Hotel Barge EMMA's deck awning which is new for the 2012 season.

Contact Paradise Connections to book the French Hotel Barge EMMA and enjoy a barging vacation cruise along the Canal du Midi and Provence in the south of France.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Barging Cruises: May Special Offers for 2012 season


Updated: May 1, 2012

We have some special offers and discounts for 2012 barging vacations (see below).  Contact Paradise Connections now, for current availability and pricing.

French Hotel Barge L'Impressionniste - Barging in France - Canal de Bourgogne

Click on the Barge's name to view their online brochure. Find their prices on their brochure's RATES page. Contact us if you'd like us to do the calculation for the special offer rate and check current availability.

  • 2012 season : Special offers for PRIVATE CHARTERS and CABIN BOOKINGS (deposit by May 31, 2012)

*  25% off full charter rate: La Belle Epoque, L'Impressionniste, Panache: 12 guests; and L'Art de Vivre, Enchante, Renaissance, Anjodi, Rosa, Scottish Highlander, Magna Carta: 8 guests
 (which is also a considerable savings on the 6-person rate, for example)
** 10% off: Panache 8-12 guest rate, Nymphea 6-guest rate, Scottish Highlander 6-8 guest rate

Our normal Terms & Conditions apply.  Some cruises may require a minimum of 4 passengers booked to guarantee the cruise.
These special offers are subject to availability, apply to new bookings only and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.


French Hotel Barge La Belle Epoque - Barging in France - Canal de Bourgogne

These barging vacations are fully crewed and all-inclusive:
  • Six nights' accommodation on board in an air-conditioned, en-suite cabin.
  • The services of an experienced Captain / Host, Chef, Housekeeper(s), Driver/Tour Guide.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner aboard. A local lunch ashore, once per week on most barges.
  • An excellent selection of fine regional and international wines and spirits, plus an all day open bar, tea and coffee.
  • Daily excursions by chauffeured minivan and inclusive entry fees to castles, vineyards, markets and other local places of interest.
  • Use of barge facilities such as bicycles, boules, barge library and on certain vessels, a spa pool.

Barge Scottish Highlander - Barging in Scotland - Caledonian Canal Cruise

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