Tuesday, October 09, 2012

French Barge SAVOIR VIVRE: New Value Season Dates

We have offered the French hotel barge SAVOIR VIVRE since she was first launched into the charter fleet and have watched with pleasure as this barge has truly come into its own. The owner of Savoir Vivre, James Waggott, deserves much credit for the success of his barge as it is a bit different from the norm with their "dine like a local WITH the locals" dinners ashore each night.

French Hotel Barge SAVOIR VIVRE - Barging cruises in Burgundy, France

Besides Savoir Vivre's cruise route of the gorgeous Canal de Bourgogne in Burgundy and top crew, this barge offers excellent value with prices ranging from $3250 to $3500 per guest on an 8-person charter, depending upon the season.

Speaking of season... Savoir Vivre has added more weeks to their 2013 Low Season!

March 31 - May 11
July 28 - August 24
October 13 - 26
May 12 - July 27
August 25 - October 12

6 guests: $24,000
7 guests: $25,000
8 guests: $26,000
6 guests: $26,000
7 guests: $27,000
8 guests: $28,000

The cruise price includes the cost of 6 dinners ashore and a half bottle of wine per person.

Read what Savoir Vivre's guests from the 2012 season have said about:
“Savoir Vivre exceeded my expectations.  The service and the food were on par with a cruise we took several years ago on a more expensive luxury barge in the same area.”

“I am in the adventure travel business and therefore can be quite critical when traveling with other travel companies – but this was top notch.”

“I feel I definitely saw some of the real France.”
“The cabins were great! They were nicer than we expected. Very modern, clean and efficient. The bathrooms were super and the showers were great.”

“Our cabin was charming, nicely decorated and had more storage and a larger shower than expected.”
“To rate the crew as ‘excellent’ doesn’t do them justice.  The three of them worked exceptionally well together and were the major reason for our wonderful experience.  Jo, the Hostess, worked magic. Laura, the Guide, was well-versed in the history of the area and made it come alive.”

“Our crew was excellent.  I can’t imagine travelling with a better crew!  They were like family and I cried when we had to say goodby.”

“Captain Richard is the most friendly and outgoing person.  He handles all the personalities and still stays at the top of his game.”

‘Guide Laura went out of her way to supply a special wine that I had mentioned and was unable to locate thus far in France.  She surprised me with a bottle that  we were able to drink right on a spot overlooking the vineyards.”
“We enjoyed eating at various restaurants in the villages each night. This was one of the main reasons we chose Savoir Vivre, and it fully lived up to our expectations.”

“We would rate the cuisine as EXCELLENT.  The breakfasts were very nice – not too much food but just what we wanted.  LOVED the lunches – Chef Steve catered ‘to die for’ quiches and the most delicious salads of all types. On the last day, we had wonderful poached salmon.”

“The food was outstanding – breakfast, lunch and dinner.  But the evening meals on shore became everyone’s favorite and we looked forward to them all day.”

“We will miss the three salads, quiches, baguettes, real butter, meat, cheeses, two wines, desert and café served at lunch each day!”

Sounds good? Contact Paradise Connections to book your charter aboard Savoir Vivre in Burgundy France for next season.  But, don't wait too long because, as of October 9, 2012, they already have NINE WEEKS booked!

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Monday, October 01, 2012

Barge Cruises: 2012 Last Minute Special Offers

We're down to the last few weeks of the 2012 barging season...

October is a wonderful month to go barging, plus we have some last minute special offers to give you added incentive... and then there is Paradise Connections' gift, too!

French Hotel Barge Enchanté
These special offers have expired. See special offers for 2013 HERE

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European Barging Cruises: 2013 specials



We have some early bird specials for April & May 2013 aboard luxury, crewed hotel barges in France (Burgundy & Canal du Midi), Holland, and Scotland.  Contact Paradise Connections now, for current availability and pricing.

Hotel Barge Panache - Barging cruises in France & Holland

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