Sunday, March 21, 2010

Barge BELLE EPOQUE Burgundy France - New itineraries updated

We have updated the itineraries for the French Hotel Barge LA BELLE EPOQUE, which cruises on the Canal du Bourgogne between Pouillenay and Tonnerre in the Burgundy region of France.

Enjoy the French countryside of Burgundy aboard the Hotel Barge La Belle Epoque

This all-inclusive deluxe barge has a crew of 5 or 6, and accommodates up to 13 guests in 7 cabins, each with private, ensuite bathrooms. La Belle Epoque is fully air conditioned and central heating. They have two sundecks with steamer chairs, recliners, parasols, a large dining table, plus a Jacuzzi spa pool.

Besides their standard itinerary, themed cruises are available for private charters: Guided walking tour, Family cruise, Cycling, Wine lovers appreciation cruise... If you have specific interests, let us know and we'll see about adapting a cruise to your desires.

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