Thursday, February 24, 2022

Updated Special Offers for 2022 Barge Cruises

Save on 2022 Barge Cruises

Spirit of Scotland
We have updated our special offers & discount page. We hope you can take advantage of these savings.

For example, there is only ONE open week for a private charter in Scotland and, lucky you, Spirit of Scotland is now offering the week of May 22nd at a 10% discount. Score!

Here's another example: Dutch tulip season will be here before you know it. Adagio is offering a 30% discount on open weeks for charters in Holland. Panache is fully booked for Holland EXCEPT they have 2 cabins open for April 3-9 at a 20% discount.
ATTENTION Single Travelers: There's something for you, too.

And there's more...
If you have been dreaming about barging, perhaps now is the time to fulfill those dreams.
Visit our website for more info on our barges and barging:

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