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Say it with flowers - Dutch tulip cruise

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 Say it with flowers
As a gift or a much needed getaway, a barge cruise is definitely the way to discover Holland. The Netherlands are famous for tulips, of course, but as a country with a rich artistic and cultural history, it has a lot more besides. 

The western provinces of this land of water are populated by windmills which sit above the polders along the very river that gave its name to Amsterdam. Discover cities such as Haarlem and Delft which are meccas for lovers of pottery and art. A barging cruise uncovers some of Holland's hidden gems and is the perfect way to experience the best the country has to offer.
Keukenhof Gardens.

Explore 80 acres of flowers at the world famous Keukenhof Gardens. People from all across the globe come to indulge in and be inspired by the natural beauty of Holland; famous for its bulb fields and wide variety of flowers.

Cobblestone streets and gabled houses line the canal of Haarlem.

Visit the historic and charming 800-year old city of Haarlem. Once a major trading port, Haarlem is an exciting maze of cobbled streets and gabled houses at the center of a major bulb growing district.

Aalsmeer Flower Auction.

Aalsmeer hosts the largest floral auction in the world, with over 40 million plants and flowers from all over the globe traded here. They set the world price for flowers and plants. This happens by bringing supply and demand together by means of the auction clock. Each day, 19 million flowers and two million plants are sold through 13 clocks. The auction begins when each cart of flowers is presented to the buyers, one at a time. As soon as the carts are displayed, the famous Aalsmeer clock starts ticking down from 100, and as the time falls, so does the price of the cart. The first person to make a bid gets the cart and they have been known to sell within hundredths of a second. Buyers don't have to purchase the entire cart which is compiled of a number of crates, but the bidding continues until everything is sold.

Zaanse Schan

Zaanse Schans conservation area was created in the 1960s in order to preserve the buildings and crafts of the country's industrial revolution in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. With a dozen windmills, a collection of traditional houses and workshops and a number of museums, it offers an unparalleled insight into Dutch social and industrial history.
And There's More...
The Netherlands is more than windmills and flowers. Delft, a picturesque community made famous by the Dutch painter Vermeer, is home to the Royal Dutch Delftware Porcelain Factory. This country has so many museums. Amsterdam alone has over 50 museums: the Dutch Masters and Golden Age paintings, modern art, press, film, theatre, photography, shipping, science & technology, bags & purses, as well as the Tropical museum and the Jewish museum. The Netherlands may be a small nation but there's plenty to do and see. Enjoy!


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Barging in Holland
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Springtime really is a glorious time of year to embark on a hotel barge cruise. We offer a wide variety of destinations, from the colorful waterways of Holland to the picturesque landscapes of Burgundy; from the sunshine of the Canal du Midi to the unspoiled countryside of Gascony... Don't forget England, Ireland, Scotland, and Italy!

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