Monday, November 23, 2020

Book your Barge Cruise with Confidence

Barge Cruises in our New Times

This post applies to the following barges: Anjodi, Athos, Enchante, Finesse, L'Art de Vivre, La Bella Vita, La Belle Epoque, L'Impressionniste, Magna Carta, La Nouvelle Etoile, Panache, Renaissance, Rosa, Scottish Higlander, Shannon Princess, and Spirit of Scotland.

For bookings made by December 31, 2020 for cruises in 2020 or 2021, you may reschedule your cruise at any time up to 30 days prior to departure if certain COVD-19 related government regulations will or are likely to prevent travel to the barge.

Privacy and Seclusion on a Whole Barge Charter

How better to enjoy the very best of a destination on a post-lockdown escape, than in the comfort and seclusion of a private whole barge charter. From groups of friends to families in hopes of reconnecting and making up for lost time during lockdown, we’re already seeing a huge interest for charter bookings in 2021. It’s not difficult to see why, with the perks of what feels like having your very own private floating villa, equipped with a personal crew and private chef.

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