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Explore Irish Folklore on the River Shannon

The Land of Saints and Scholars

The island of Ireland, the "land of saints and scholars" is associated with many mythological tales from the past. As we cruise along the Shannon we visit medieval and ancient sites steeped in Irish folklore and history. According to mythology, the River Shannon is named after the Celtic goddess "Sionna". Throughout the years the river was a vital source of survival for many prehistoric people that lived along its shores.

Our barge skipper, Ruairi, will escort you to many historical sites along the river cruise. Throughout the journey we explore medieval towns and take you to ancient ruins that have become popular places of pilgrimage for lovers of Irish folklore. We travel to Killaloe, once a court town to the High Kings of Ireland and now a quiet riverside village. We also take a trip to the spiritual Clonmacnoise (see picture below) founded by St Ciaran, in the 6th Century. This is a monastic settlement with an ancient burial ground where the High Kings of Tara and Connacht rest.

The Folklore and Legend of Queen Maeve

The Tain Bo Culaine is a legendary tale of Queen Maeve of Connacht and the prized Bull of Cooley. We join the route of the Tain Trail along the charming lake shores of Lough Ree where we retrace the journey and the battles between Maeve and her armies and Cuchulainn. It was here where Queen Maeve sought refuge for many years. She died at the hands of Conor of Ulster who struck her with a single sling fired from a mile across the lake.

Exploring Lough Ree

The third largest lake in Ireland running from Lanesborough, Co. Longford to Athlone, Co. Roscommon and Westmeath. Lough Ree translates as "The Lake of Kings". Locals suggests it was called this due to seven kings all named John who once ruled a place close by called Rindoon. Lough Ree is the scene of many sightings of the Lough Ree monster. You can read more about the Lough Ree monster here. It so happened that St. Ciaran’s book of gospels were dropped into the lake by his brother and it is believed that many years later were retrieved fully intact along with his altar bell.

Quaker Island/Inchcleraun Island

The island was a place of pilgrimage and religious learning with the remains of seven churches including a monastery. This is an example of how Ireland got its nickname of “The Land of Saints and Scholars” as it became the refuge for pilgrims after the period of Christianity. The largest church on the island is called the Templemurray. According to old folklore any woman who enters will meet her death within twelve months (the curse of Templemurray).

Celts at Craggaunoowen

Moving down southwards on the River Shannon, we explore the living past at a Celtic bronze age settlement at Craggaunowen located near Quin, Co. Clare. Craggaunowen features an open air museum including reconstructions of ancient Irish architecture, dolmens, crannogs and currachs. Experience how the Celts made their homes on a Crannog and gain a fascinating insight to how they lived.

Throughout your journey on the Shannon Princess, you will experience snippets of Irish folklore as we take you to some fascinating locations steeped in ancient history. Our barge cruise combines a luxurious environment with a relaxing pace, what better way to learn about Ireland’s past?

About The Irish Hotel Barge Shannon Princess

Shannon Princess entering a lock

The Irish Hotel Barge Shannon Princess is a very popular barge and they book up quickly. They are almost sold out for next season (2019). Current availability for 2019: July 14-20 (2 cabins open),  July 21-27 (3 cabins open, Aug 4-10 (5 cabins open).We are now accepting bookings for the 2020 season.

Shannon Princess

The Shannon Princess has been thoughtfully designed throughout. The barge's inviting interior makes a charming floating living space – a perfect "Home away from home" for guests to enjoy. The welcoming atmosphere is enhanced by Ruairi and Olivia’s love of antiquities, crafts, pottery and art with many works by established and local Irish artists.  On board the barge a friendly & relaxed mood has been created by carefully mixing casual informality with quality service.

The Shannon Princess provides accommodation for up to 10 guests in 5 cabins which can be configured as double or twins, each with ensuite facilities. This barge is owner-operated with a total of five professional crew in attendance.You will be charmed with excellent but friendly service, gorgeous food & wines, and share in a slice of local life and knowledge.

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