Thursday, December 04, 2014

French Hotel Barges for Bastille Day Celebrations 2015

"Vive La France" on July 14th!

Our 6-night barging cruises departing on July 12th along various French canals, will give passengers the chance to celebrate Bastille Day, the National Day of France, in true French style. Guests will be able to watch firework displays and join in the celebrations, perhaps from the deck of their hotel barge whilst being served champagne, or amongst townfolk in a local village.

During the rest of the week, our fully-crewed, luxury hotel barges will glide along their respective routes offering the perfect blend of excitement and tranquillity.

Click on the barge's name to access their online brochure. For further information on our barges, contact Paradise Connections HERE.

AVAILABILITY for the week of 12-18 July 2015 (as of December 14, 2014):
Only three of our barges are available for private charter while the others are open for a cabin cruise week.

This video is from the producers of firework spectacles, Ruggieri.

For those of you who will not be in attendance, the video above shows the festivities in Carcassonne from 14 July 2012. It is very good footage but nothing like being there in person with the beautiful colors, the sounds of the rockets taking off, the percussion of the soundwaves striking your body, the oohs and ahs of the crowd... Good stuff. The French can really put on a show :)

Joyeux Quatorze Juillet

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