Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hotel Barge SAVOIR FAIRE - New Burgundy route for 2011

Chris, captain and owner of the Hotel Barge SAVOIR FAIRE, wrote to let us know that they have put the finishing touches on their new Burgundy cruise route for the 2011 barging season.

Hotel Barge Savoir Faire barging cruises in France, Holland and Belgium

Chris writes:
With 2011 bookings coming in we have finalised our cruise route planning for next season.

2011 heralds the introduction of a brand new cruise route for the SAVOIR FAIRE. We shall be cruising the BURGUNDY CANAL and have designed an exciting and exclusive itinerary, which you can find below.

This cruise route provides the best that barging has to offer. Walking and biking is available every day whenever the passengers want. Hop on, hop off, help with the locks - we're going nowhere fast!

Exciting and individually tailored excursions include palaces, chateaux, abbeys, wine tasting, cheese. In addition to these are opportunities to visit numerous additional sights along the way. This is barging at it's best. Relaxed, gentle on the soul, every bend offering something new!
Paradise Connections is on the ball and we have already added this new itinerary (The Best of Burgundy) to SAVOIR FAIRE's online brochure.

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