Monday, June 14, 2010

Hotel Barge SAVOIR FAIRE: Bastille Day Special Offer

Celebrate BASTILLE DAY aboard the Hotel Barge SAVOIR FAIRE and save $16,750.

The French really know how to put on a firework show and in our case, it was usually just a few meters down the waterfront from where Loose Moose was moored... We always had a bucket of water handy just to be prudent :) But, I digress... Back to Savoir Faire...

The Hotel Barge SAVOIR FAIRE will be in Sens on the river Yonne for this festive week.

Here's the news from Chris ...
Summer is fast approaching and that means Bastille Day is right around the corner. On July 14, France will be once again be celebrating the 1790 Fete de la Federation, which was held those 200 and some years ago on the first anniversary of the storming of the Bastille.

Once aboard the SAVOIR FAIRE, you won’t be able to miss the party. Parades, fireworks, picnics and parties will be taking place throughout France. Many parties are held at the fire stations, with the firefighters as the main attraction.

As all the waterways of France are closed on 14th of July, we have planned a fun packed day with sightseeing, a gourmets picnic lunch and copious wine tasting.

Throughout France, the French get together for picnics during the day, and it wouldn’t be a French picnic without a few basics: although baguettes, ham, cheese, olives and wine are common fare, your chef will prepare a true feast to be enjoyed in a beautiful setting. He will even add a little pizzazz to the usual bottle of wine by bringing it in a watermelon. Called Pasteque Ivre, or "drunken watermelon", it basically involves infusing a watermelon with red wine, or perhaps even a rosé.

After a sumptuous dinner, celebrating some of the greatest French dishes available, we enjoy a spectacular firework display from the upper deck of the SAVOIR FAIRE.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.

All the best,
Chris Bennett
Doesn't that sound absolutely wonderful? Are you ready to get down and celebrate? Let us know!

Also, a reminder... The Savoir Faire still has openings for last minute cabin Dutch Tulip Cruise bookings:
  • April 18: Amsterdam Tulip Cruise : 2 cabins available
  • April 25: Amsterdam Tulip Cruise : 4 cabins available
There is a cabin available on the 13-night, 3-Country Cruise from Amsterdam - Ghent - Paris, May 2-15, 2010. Places on this magnificent cruise can be booked for either one or both weeks. This cruise is limited to 8 guests.
  • May 2: Amsterdam-Ghent : 3 cabins booked / 1 available
  • May 9: Ghent-Paris : 3 cabins booked / 1 available
What's not to love :)

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