Friday, May 14, 2010

French Hotel Barge L'IMPRESSIONNISTE - new photo

Captain James has sent us a photo of the newly refurbished salon of the French Hotel Barge l'IMPRESSIONNISTE.

French Hotel Barge l'IMPRESSIONNISTE - Barging in France on the Burgundy canals

The new leather sofas look very nice and comfortable. Perhaps you'd like to try them out :)

Be sure to check out l'Impressionniste's special offers for Summer 2010.

L'Impressionniste travels through the renowned wine-producing region of central Burgundy cruising between Dijon and Escommes along the Canal de Bourgogne, France.

This hotel barge accommodates up to 13 guests in in 7 cabins, each with private ensuite bathrooms. You can have a private, full-barge charter or you can book a cabin and meet new friends on a shared charter week. For more details concerning this elegant barge and barging cruises, view l'Impressionniste's online brochure.

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View l'Impressionniste's online brochure
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