Saturday, April 03, 2010

New Hotel Barge for Italy - LA BELLA VITA - Venice to Mantua (Mantova)

The Italian Hotel Barge LA BELLA VITA will commence cruises beginning September 5, 2010.

La Bella Vita is a 20-passenger vessel that is being newly refitted in 2010 to high standards to offer comfortable, fully air-conditioned accommodation. There are two upper-deck suites and eight cabin staterooms, all with private ensuite bathrooms, and a bright spacious dining room/bar area. Louvred doors open to the side decks to give a perfect viewing platform, whilst above is a huge sun deck with comfortable sun loungers.

La Bella Vita Hotel barge vacation cruises in Italy
Venice, the Islands of the Venetian Lagoon, the Bianca Canal and the Po Valley

We should receive photos to post when work nears completion in a few months. Stand by!

The variety of charming waterways between Venice and Mantua (Mantova) promises a unique and magical cruising experience. The itinerary includes fascinating excursions that offer a real insight into the many cultures -- Roman, Etruscan, Istrian, Byzantine and, of course, Renaissance -- that have influenced the arts, architecture and history of the region over many centuries.

This special voyage also offers the opportunity to enjoy the diverse landscapes and nature en route, from picturesque lagoon islands with their colourful houses, to wild beach dunes and pine woods with an abundance of birdlife; from the charming Venetian port of Chioggia via the River Po and Bianca Canal to the captivating lakeside setting of the Renaissance city, Mantua.

Delicious regional cuisine, fine Italian wines and the services of an attentive crew will make this an unforgettable cruise.

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