Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter from

Did the Easter Bunny put a barging vacation in your Easter basket?
French Hotel Barge NYMPHEA, Loire Valley, France

If so, Lucky YOU!  If not, still LUCKY YOU as we can help sort that out for you.

 Paradise Connections Barge Charters

Come to our Barge Charters website and look around.  We represent many excellent, all inclusive, crewed barges, who will accommodate charterers by the cabin, or depending on the barge, private charters from two to twenty guests. Most of our barges are in France as there are many cruising areas, but we also have hotel barges in Ireland, Scotland, England, Holland, Italy, and Germany/Luxembourg. Charters can be tailored according to your interests such as golf, tennis, walking, cycling, shopping, art, wine...

You should be able to find something that fits :)

Check it out and drop us a message.  Let's get started on planning your barging holiday.

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