Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Book a 2023 barge cruise at current 2022 rates

Book Now For 2023
As we mentioned in an earlier post, Savoir Vivre has raised their rates for the 2023 barging season (unless you book by June 30th). This is due to increased fuel prices and other associated increases.

If you are considering a hotel barge cruise on the European waterways for next season, please contact us soon before other barges raise their rates. This is a trend we are seeing in yacht charters and it won’t surprise us if more barges notify us about rate increases within the next few weeks.

Besides saving a bit of hard earned cash, booking early gives you the best opportunity to get the dates you want and the route you prefer.

Take Holland, for example. La Nouvelle Etoile is completely booked for 2023. Panache is also full except for two cabin cruise weeks. We have opportunities available with Adagio and Aurora, though.

Shannon Princess in Ireland has a full calendar. You must book early to enjoy the Irish experience with Olivia and Ruairi. Perhaps 2024?

Scotland and France have many choices still available but don’t wait too long, we’d hate to see you disappointed.
If you have been dreaming about barging, now is the time to fulfill those dreams.

Don't wait, let's get started !
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