Tuesday, July 27, 2021

French Hotel Barge Rendez-Vous News

French Hotel Barge Rendez-Vous
French Barge Rendez-Vous — Barge cruises in Southern Burgundy, France
We are excited to announce that the French Hotel Barge Rendez-Vous will be converted into a 4-passenger barge for the 2023 season, resulting in two larger guest cabins.
The high level of service, cuisine and experience will be maintained, as well as the inclusion of round-trip, chauffeured transfers between Paris and the barge.

The 2023 charter rate for 4 guests will be $30,000 and select high-season weeks in the autumn will be $32,000 for an all-inclusive, 6-night barge cruise in Burgundy France.

An updated floor plan and cabin dimensions are not yet available but we will keep you updated as the news of this refit evolves.
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