Saturday, August 04, 2018

News update from French Hotel Barge EMMA

French Hotel Barge Emma - Barging cruises on the Canal du Midi, France

Liz from the French Hotel Barge Emma wrote to us this week from the cool mountains of Les Cevennes where they are taking a short break.

  • Emma will no longer be offering the 8-night surf & turf package with the Chateau Tower at Ventenac as the owners, Jodi and Peter, have decided to sell it and are looking for a larger property.
  •  For those of you who remember Emma's tour guide Rosie, she has just had her first baby, a little boy called Charlie. Hostess Amanda will be back on Emma for the second half of the season.
  • Barge Emma already has bookings for 2019 barging cruises on the Canal du Midi in the south of  France.
  • We would like to remind you of the 20% discount for the remaining 3 weeks still available for the 2018 season (see details below). 


  • 20% off: September 1-7, 2018

    • Notice that this is for SEPTEMBER, the prime barging month of the year.
    • Availability: One cabin booked & 2 cabins open.
    • Price: Now only $4400/person, double occupancy.
    • Cruise route: Carcassone to Beziers.

  • 20% off:  September 22-28, 2018

    • Notice again that this cruise is for SEPTEMBER, the most coveted month of the year for barging. 
    • Availability: No cabins booked so Emma is available for private charter or for a cabin week.
    • Price:  Private charter for 6 guests = $24,000 (SAVE $6000). Private charter for 5 guests =  $21,600. Private charter for 4 guests = $20,000. If cabin week, then $4400/person, double occupancy.
    • Cruise route: Toulouse to Carcassone.

  • 20% off: October 13-19, 2018.

    • This is for a week in October which is quite a pleasant time for barging. 
    • Availability: One cabin booked & 2 cabins open. 
    • Price: Now only $4400/person, double occupancy. 
    • Cruise route: Carcassone to Beziers.

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