Saturday, November 14, 2015

French Hotel Barge La Belle Epoque: Flavigny-Sur-Ozerain

Today we’d like to tell you a little about an historical and characterful barge, La Belle Epoque, and one of the towns her passengers can visit along the way - one where the critically acclaimed and popular film Chocolat was shot in 2000.

La Belle Epoque is already steeped in local history, having originally carried logs from Burgundy to Paris. It’s oddly fitting, then, that she should pass through such a historic town, both in terms of its ancient architecture and its more recent prominence as the location where the excellent movie Chocolat was filmed.

La Belle Epoque cruises the idyllic Burgundy Canal, passing through miles of beautiful French countryside, past picturesque villages, towns and chateaux. When you finally visit the town of Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, you’ll begin to understand why it was chosen as the set of this unique and moving film.

The central theme of a strong, vivacious character living her life against centuries of stagnant tradition is etched into the beautiful but imposing medieval architecture and the stone walls all around. The combination of the stoic, uncompromising nature of the structures with the sublime beauty and peace of the town, not to mention its timeless, isolated feel, provide the perfect atmosphere for the story of beautiful, heart-warming relationships erupting within a repressive, old-fashioned framework.

If you’ve been considering a barge holiday and you have a passion for film, please do consider a trip on La Belle Epoque. Combining a historically and culturally rich route with the charming character of the vessel makes for a holiday experience like no other.
 - The Lock Keeper

La Belle Epoque has been designed with both elegance and passenger comfort in mind. This all-inclusive deluxe barge is 128 feet long, has two interior deck levels (fully air conditioned & heated), a crew of 6, and accommodates up to 12 guests in 6 cabins, each with private, ensuite bathrooms. The salon & dining room has beautiful wood panelling, with an always-open inclusive bar. The sundeck has steamer chairs, recliners, parasols, a large dining table, and a Jacuzzi spa pool. They have 12 touring bikes, plus a tandem! These, together with other luxury facilities, create a vessel perfect for a relaxing, luxurious cruise.

Burgundy is among the most popular hotel barging areas in Europe. It is renowned for its vineyards, Gothic churches, Renaissance châteaux and picturesque villages. This is a region of France in which gastronomic delights and the art of living have reigned supreme since Roman times.

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