Wednesday, February 13, 2013

French Hotel Barge Saint Louis

The French Hotel Barge Saint Louis still has a few openings this Spring for private, full-barge charters, as well as individual cabins on cabin cruise weeks in May and early June (2013). Inquire for other weeks later on in the season.

Alasdair says that this is a fabulous time of the year with perfect weather, early summer flowers, and nightingales singing in every hedge.

French Hotel Barge Saint Louis - Barging cruises charters in southwest France

The hotel barge Saint Louis cruises the beautiful calm waterways of southwest France, including the historic lands of Aquitaine and Gascony along the Canal de Garonne between Montauban (near Toulouse) and Agen or between Agen and Castets-en-Dorthe (near Bordeaux).

Saint Louis accommodates up to six guests in three staterooms configured as doubles or twins, upon request. Your hosts, Alasdair and Barbara, together with their friendly and expert crew, will ensure that your holiday or vacation is the ultimate in relaxed pleasure.

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