Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hotel Barge ANJODI - 6 week Trans-Europe Cruise

The Ultimate Journey... The French Hotel Barge ANJODI offers a 6-week Trans-European Cruise beginning November 8th in Avignon (Provence, France) and finishing December 18th 2009 in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

French Hotel Barge ANJODI - Trans-European Cruise

This cruise is available as individual cabin bookings, or as a private, full-boat charter.

This is a very special voyage on which passengers will experience a unique 1,000 mile adventure aboard Anjodi along the canals and rivers of central Europe, from Avignon in Provence all the way to the vibrant city of Amsterdam in Holland. The 6-week cruise takes in famous cities such as Lyon, Paris and Cologne, the local highlights and culture along famous rivers such as the Rhone, Seine and Rhine, and enchanting smaller waterways such as the Canal de Bourgogne.

  • Individual cabins, price per person (double occupancy) of US$25,000 / UK£15,000 based on a minimum of 6 passengers
  • Private, whole barge charter (up to 8 guests) for US$185,000 / UK£110,000

Click here to see the 6-Week, Trans-Europe Itinerary

On days 22 & 23, you'll be in our old stomping ground of where we built our second sailboat, Loose Moose 2. Right there, just across from the lock in Meaux. Shout "Hello" to our friend Gerard as you pass by!
What a great trip this would be! Don't you deserve to treat yourself to six weeks of fun, relaxation, great food, and pampering?

This would be a perfect working vacation for writers, artists, photographers...

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