Friday, February 01, 2008

2008 Season filling up fast - LE PREMIER - SCOTTISH HIGHLANDER

If you are wishing to book a European Barge vacation holiday this 2008 season, don't dilly-dally too much longer.

There is some availability for cabin charters, but open weeks for full-boat private charters are very limited.

Take Le Premier for example. We just received an email this morning and they have only FIVE weeks available, only TWO of which are really open as the other three weeks have options.

This week we had a request for full boat charter for Scottish Highlander for the last week of June as this is the only week the client had available. They have a few openings left, but unfortunately not for this family... Scottish Highlander already has a booking for the last week of June 2009!

So, as I said, BOOK NOW!

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